Why I am dumping my Galaxy S5 for an iPhone 5s

My dad broke his glasses a couple years ago. As he bent them, bragging about their flexibility and strength, they snapped like twigs underfoot.

I am my father’s son.

As we ate dinner at Applebee’s on Saturday night, I bemoaned the awful fingerprint sensor on my year-old Galaxy S5 to my brother. I decided to show him how non-functional the features was. Boy, did I ever.

The phone wouldn’t recognize my fingerprint, giving me a prompt to enter a backup password after several failed attempts. The only problem with the backup password was I didn’t set it. Maybe I set up a password when I originally got the phone last November, but it hadn’t been used since I first determined the worthlessness of the fingerprint scanner.

Panic set in as my phone began counting failed attempt that would reset my phone to its original factory setting. I decided I would deal with it once we got home, where I have more tech support options at hand.

Unfortunately, my phone registered several more phantom attempts in my pocket during the car ride home.

Everything was gone. Everything. My game of Fall Out Shelter, my pictures, and just about everything else I’d accumulated in a year’s worth of usage.

It didn’t get any better from there.

The factory reset deleted not only the internal storage on my phone, but the 32 GB worth of external storage I had on an external micro SD card. It was gone.

How this deters theives, I’ll never know. “Hey if you put in the wrong password enough times, we’ll wipe the phone for you and you’ll be good to go!”

I’d dealt with a similar issue weeks before I got my S5 while using my old S3, the worst device I’ve ever used. Months of pictures gone, including family trips and the Indianapolis 500, and I still decided to buy a newer version of the phone a few weeks later.

After losing a good portion of my digital content for the second time in the span of the year, I immediately threw in the towel with my experimentation with Samsung and Android. For all of the “innovative” features those devices include, there are another five headaches ready to negate any technological gain.

The decision for my replacement was easy. In my almost ten years of buying consumer electronics, my favorite far and away was my iPod Touch. It did it’s job as well as any device I’ve owned before or since. Unfortunately, it was not grandfathered into iOS 7’s release, rendering many of my apps obsolete. Since I was interested in the Android and Galaxy platform due to peer pressure from some woefully misguided friends, I replaced my iPod with a StraightTalk Galaxy S3, one of the most pathetic electronic devices know to men.

My main hope for the iPhone 5s that will become my daily driver by the end of the week is that it will be a good stop-gap solution. I have a little more than a year left on the Verizon contract I signed to buy my Galaxy S5, and Lord knows how much (more) grey hair I’d have if I tried to run out the clock with that device.

I need the iPhone 5s to last until my upgrade next November, when I’ll undoubtedly buy an iPhone 7, should my financial situation permit.

Maybe the deletion of all my files was a blessing in disguise to get me out of the Android system, something I’d been trying to do for the past several months. Still, I wish it could’ve been a less acrimonious ending.


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